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Since 2001, Online Rack Multi Domain Web Hosting; a subsidiary of IT-ETC Company. We have been providing world-class multi domain web hosting services to clients located all over the world. Online Rack has won many awards for being best customer service, load speed, and exceptional customer multi domain web hosting support. With nearly more than 1000 clients and customer retention of more than 95%, you are assured of our reliability and customer satisfaction. Below are certain factsas to why our clients chooseOnline Rack:

Multiple Domain Web Hosting

Get more bang for your buck with multiple domain web hosting. If you have more than one web site, multiple domain web hosting is a great way to control your entire web hosting from one centralized place (control panel). All you have to do is simply sub-divide the storage and bandwidth allocated to your web hosting for each domain name. Choose from Managed Web Hosting Plans, Shared Web Hosting plans and Dedicated Web Hosting plans.

H-Sphere Control Panel Technology

H-Sphere is voted as the control panel of choice due to its friendliness, ease of use, flexibility, and stability. It is a commercial product as we (Online Rack) do not believe in using open-source panels due to lack of support and flexibility. Most of our web hosting customers who have used Cpanel in the past loved the H-Sphere web hosting technology and said they would never switch back again.

Unlimited Databases

At Online Rack, we do not believe in limiting our customers to certain features as long as it does not cost us any extra. Therefore, you may create unlimited databases (virtually) MySQL in Linux Hosting. In addition, you may create unlimited MS SQL and MySQL under Windows Hosting Plans. (Not many web hosting competitors offer that).

Unlimited e-mail accounts and mailing lists

Certainly, when it comes to email, you want no limitation. Therefore, you may create unlimited email accounts and unlimited mailing lists (so you can have groups and subscribers). As for web mail, you have the choice of using three different mail clients. Rest assured, all of our emails have virus and spam protection. Not only that, soon we will be offering Exchange 2003 as one of our mail platforms. (Not offered by 90% of web hosting companies worldwide).

Site Studio (web site builder):

You do not have internet html experience, or do not have enough time to create a web site!!!. Well, you are not alone. Therefore, we have bundled in Site Studio so that all you have to do is choose one of the many many templates and follow the wizard. You will have the capability to create professional web sites within minutes.

E-Commerce Web Hosting

Nowadays, it is a necessity to have a business web site It is almost no longer an option. Of course, depending on what your site is about, you may want to sell products (visual or not). Therefore, we have made more than four different types of cart available (Most web hosting companies offer one).

Choice of Web Hosting Platform

Whether you like Windows or Linux, we have a plan for you. The good news is that they are both offered for the same price. Of Course rest assured that we are running on Windows 2003 (Windows Hosting) and Red Hat ES 3.0 (Linux Hosting) with the latest patches.

Many Many more

We can keep going, there are 30+ more features in all of our web hosting packages available to you to take advantage of at not additional charge and we keep adding more and more every few months which do include forums and collection of software. You can get more info on the EasyApp collection.

Regardless if you are a small business, medium-sized or large corporation or if you just need a private web site: Online Rack Web Multi Domain Web Hosting has the right solution for you.

Host Unlimited Domains on image Windows Or image Linux for only image $4.99/month